Investment Trust

An Investment Trust is a collective investment fund which is traded on the stock exchange just like any other company. It is similar to an Open Ended Investment Company where the investor purchases shares in the company, and the company shares in the company, which owns underlying fund assets. However, with an investment trust the number of shares in issue is generally fixed, and permission from the shareholders (the investors) must be obtained before issuing more shares. This makes it a closed fund, unlike an OEIC which as the name implies is open ended and can issue new shares or buy back shares without investors approval.

Investors in an Investment Trust can also sell shares on the open market to other investors via market makers, unlike OEIC's and Unit Trusts where the fund managers sell and buy back shares directly from the investor.Unlike Unit Trusts and OEIC's where the price of the shares or units reflect the price of the assets, the price of an investment trust can often be undervalued (at a discount) or overvalued (at a premium) to the Net Asset Value (or NAV) of the underlying assets, and so it is possible for an investor to by the net assets at typically a 5 - 15% discount to their last value.

The management charges for investment trusts are usually a bit cheaper than for OEIC's and unit trusts, and although there are no initial charges to worry about, there is the usual stock market spread to take into account.

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